Sunday, July 7, 2013

RIP Street Smarts

             I have never seen so many gullible people in my life. I saw a post from one of my fb friends (who is very smart,and experienced in economics) warning of the "Coming Economic Collapse" that turned out to be an ad for a book! (I wonder why this guy is even bothering making money if it is all going to be worthless soon...) A coulple of weeks ago, I stopped at a gas station and had the opportunity to be educated about all the poisons these evil corporations are putting in food that is mass-produced. (because the best way to make money is to kill your customers) This gentleman also felt inclined to let me know the difference between a 'gangsta' and a 'thug.' I only mention this because when people hear the phrase "street smarts", they think it pretains to living in the ghetto or a large city. It doesn't. It is basically an instruction manual on how not to be a sucker. One that no one reads anymore. Where do I begin?...........

                 Health food is a great example of human naivety. My wife and I bicker over bread all the time. She insists on buying the whole grain wheat bullshit. I hate wheat bread. My wife is convinced white bread is deadly. She says white bread causes your blood sugar to spike, which can lead to diabetes. Who knew the human body was so frail? It's a miracle all of the hundereds of millions of people who eat it every single fucking day are still alive! How else could you convince folks to spend $6-7 for something they can get for $2 gastro-intestinal consequences notwithstanding? Pomegranets are another great example. Not only is it one of the most pain-in-the-ass fruits around, but the flavor of the juice from said fruit bears a striking similarity to vinegar and urine! (dont ask how I know how urine tastes) My mother insists on buying pomegranete juice (her brand costs like $10 a bottle!) which has less vitamins and minerals than orange juice, and kind of tastes like unsweetened cranberry juice but worse. Some asshole on tv says pomegranets are better than our pathetic traditional fruits, so we better just eat them. I'm pretty sure I spelled 'pomegranet' wrong back there, but to hell with it. The shitty fruit doesn't deserve the effort required to check my spelling of its name. That's how much I hate them.
             I'm sure you're familiar with the 911 'truther' movement. Behold its progeny: the anti-Monsanto movement. I know a few people who have attended protests, and make an effort to eat only 'organic' food. Many folks with far too much spare time insist this monolith of a company is selling poisonous genetically altered food that will most definitly kill you if you eat enough of it. Monsanto made the herbicides they used in VIETNAM, man! That's completely irrelevant to the issue, but....war...puppets......neocons.....did you know they're selling DEPLEATED URANIUM shotgun shells now?! That'll definitely give you the edge in the battle for the coveted cul-de-sac. I told a friend last night I want in on some of this armageddon action and she said they only buy stuff from people they know, which definitly fits the paranoia profile, but I think shes bullshittin. I really would like to be able to sell guns, seeds, ammo..and....... whatever other survival stuff (Dad wasnt around folks,) these people buy. It looks like a good investment, because these people are just going to keep prepping from the looks of it.
         I know I've veered off course. My point is, we really need to try to instill a good sense of skepticism in our young folks. It doesn't matter what your background is.
        Look at Adam Koesch. A whole bunch of dipshits were gettin ready to march in DC on July 4, literally ready to go to war, because some asshole made some youtube videos they liked! I wish I was making this shit up! Do we need public service announcements like they had about crack? This shit is seriously getting scary! Find a Ron Paul follower. Best place to look is on Fox News' FB page or an xbox live room for Call of Duty. He/she will tell you that Ron Paul is the ONLY ONE who could've  saved us. The system is also rigged, all politicians are bad except Ron Paul, (who, ironically penned a grand total of ONE,one goddamn motherfucking bill. In 20 years in the Legislative Branch, this cocksucker did nothing but get one bill passed! And he has convinced a few million xbox addicted virgins hes some kind of god!Because these young folks haven't been taught to pay more attention to what a man does than what he says. We are judged on our acts. Not things we discuss doing, or our great ideas. Anyone with street smarts would tell you Ron Paul is a politician, plain and simple. They know what they're doing. They know what to say. They know what angle to work on you. It's called 'cunning.' More later

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