Saturday, August 23, 2014

Twenty Nuts

I haven't been writing much lately, just haven't felt inspired to do so I suppose. Im trying to get one of the guys from Random Conflict to sit still long enough for me to interview them, but we're all busy doing our things. Hopefully I can get it done soon. I just felt provoked to write this morning cause I happened to see 'Rocky' from 'The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show' on an ad or something online. It reminded me of (Moose and Squirrell) this Ukrainian guy I used to see once a week or so when I lived in Nashville. These were the worst days of my life. I hadn't a friend in the world, my domestic life was shit, nothing but obligations and responsibilities. I also didn't have God in my life at the time. I was utterly hopeless. I worked my ass off all day alone in a huge warehouse I ran by myself, then took care of my daughter at night. My mother was also married to a crack addict, so that was another bell to answer as well. The only thing that kept me going were my adorable, charming beautiful daughter. I suppose Bad Religion's 'The Empire Strikes First' NOFX's 'The War on Errorism' and the first Rancid album played a role as well as Charles Seife's first 3 books. One thing I could rely on to cheer me up once a week was the aforementioned Ukrainian's weekly delivery. In case you were unaware, Russian people generally tend to not use many descriptive words in loose conversation. (Moose and Squirrel) So, every Wednesday or so Yurri would arrive, almost always in a cheerful mood. He drove a delivery truck for the company my employer bought their packing materials used for shipping from. I knew that he was bringing twenty large bags of packing peanuts because I was the one that placed the order to begin with. It didn't matter, every single time he walked in, after greetings & small talk, I would ask "So whacha got for me?", to which he would reply "Twenty nuts." or "I bring twenty nuts." It's not very funny now, (I can't do the accent, or any accent for that matter) but I thought this was hilarious. I wouldn't ever laugh in his face, mind you, but it make me smile every time I thought of it. Maybe it was because I was in such a deep state of depression, basically longing for death every day for four years, but it really helped. So I always try to remind people to find things to laugh about when times are dark or bleak. This too shall pass.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Move Over Dora, Here Comes Slim!

Check out my new cartoon character Slim! Slim just came here from another country, so he's still learning English. That's ok though, as long as he's trying, right? Slim wouldn't try to impose the culture of his home country on America, that would be rude (not to mention stupid, if where you came from is so great, why in the FUCK are you here?) Learning English can be difficult, but if a child can do it, surely a grown adult can as well! It's on all our road signs & menus, and I'm pretty sure the gauges in your El Camino are English and you understand those, so it shouldn't be that hard, right?
Slim is a good guy, he wouldn't use American's kindness as weakness and take advantage of Christians eagerness to help their fellow man! No way! Slim's not like that. Slim is an honest man who just wants a job.  All Slim has to do is play by the rules

Saturday, July 19, 2014

How Many More Planes Must Be Blown Up

Two planes have gone down with no explanation this year. I have seen ZERO physical evidence that implies Flight MH 17 was actually shot down by a surface to air missile. The Muslim Terrorists didn't claim responsibility for PAN AM Flight 103, it was proven by investigation. Al Qaida also didn't claim responsibility for the 9/11 attacks initially. We have TWO planes down under dubious circumstances, yet I'm not hearing the words 'Islamic' or 'terrorism.' The media seems really emphatic and sure that it was definitely a Russian surface to air missile. BULLSHIT. I'm pretty certain at this point that Flight MH 17, as well as MH Flight 370 were destroyed by bombs made by Islamic terrorists. Both missing flights are from Malaysia, where I'm willing to wager security is lax, especially in regard to Muslims.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Death Of Global Warming

The Global Warming idiots aren't giving up. I'm not sure if they know it's bullshit at this point and are just 'towing the line,' or actually believe that after inventing the internet, Al Gore is a climatologist (which is a redundant, bullshit job for folks who have insisted on devoting their lives to studying useless information, but that's another entry.) We always hear the Earth's surface is 70% water, 30% land.
  • Glacial ice covers 10-11 percent of all land.

  • According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), if all glaciers melted today the seas would rise about 230 feet

  • This is if all the ice on both caps melted, which is probably neigh-impossible.
    Even if the claims were true, temp is only increasing by 1 degree Celcius worldwide, which isn't going to even approach being hot enough to melt all the world's ice, or even an amount substantial enough to affect Earth's climate adversely.
    Even if the change in climate were occoring, the change would be so gradual that humanity would have plenty of time to adapt, as we adapt to seasonal changes in weather.
    There is nowhere near adequate evidence that we are causing the overall temprature to rise.
    The answer has become not planting trees (which do absorb carbon isotopes but i imagine would also increase global temp by emitting water vapor,{which is much better at trapping heat than CO2 if I remember correctly} as many plants are known to 'sweat' but that's another blog entry), but involves siphoning (extorting) money from the private sector, the energy industry inparticular. This scheme has proven quite financially successful for Mr.Gore and many others, thanks to academia's lack of guile and the entertainment industry's endorsement.

    Tuesday, June 24, 2014

    Records Every Teen Should Hear Part II:

    METALLICA - Metallica
                Metallica is infallible. This band has been a part of my life for well over 20 years, and probably always will be. I respect these guys immensely, to say the least. They've made a lot of ballsy moves throughout their career, and done what they've wanted knowing they're going to piss off literally millions of people.  I know there's so-called 'fans' that STILL bitch and whine about the bands' musical direction after the band made prog it's gimp with ...And Justice For All, and there always will be. It seems 'Wishing Metallica would go back to the way they sounded on Master of Puppets' has actually become a legitimate phase of growing up in America, as everyone has gone through it it seems. Metallica conquers hard rock with this middle finger at the critics, haters, and anyone else who is naive enough to doubt the Bay Area Thrashers' credibility. You all know the songs on this disc. The lyrics are all intelligent and clever, the riffs are catchy, the drumming is a tad different than their other releases, but you it's still unmistakably Lars. There's nothing not to like on this one. I honestly never get tired of this one.

    The Clash - London Calling
           I'm not a huge Clash fan. The records before this one never really grabbed me. The records after this one were inconsistent at best. With London Calling, they hit the nail right directly on the fuckin head. I'm not sure if there's another record in existence that is so many different things: upbeat yet dark, angry yet jubilant, bleak yet hopeful, dire yet lighthearted.. (I'm pretty sure I've said this before either here or on the White People Paper, but it bears repeating I suppose) The opening/title track is a haunting number describing the anxious western population and the corrupt media which feeds it. All my favorite Clash songs are on this one: "Brand New Cadillac(yes, I know it's a cover) "Spanish Bombs", "Wrong em' Boyo", the immortal "Death or Glory" (maybe their best song) and the title track. A piece of Rock n Roll history which inspired countless imitators, many of which basically made their living off Joe & co.'s ideas/creativity.

    Thursday, April 24, 2014



      Obsidian Kingdom are an avant-garde/metal band from Barcelona, Spain. Their discography is more diverse and progressive than any act I can think of on the spot. From rabid death/black metal to abstract industrial/electronic, their art is thought-provoking, moving and entertaining,a true renaissance act in a music scene flooded with mediocrity.

    1. How is the metal scene in Barcelona/Spain? Are there local venues where you play often?

    OBSIDIAN KINGDOM: "We just can't complain about the cultural offer (sic) in Barcelona. There's plenty of things going on all the time, and shows are varied, frequent, and many. Madrid also features a very decent offer and nightlife. Of course, they are nothing compared to say, London or Berlin, but, then again, nothing is. Anyhow, Barcelona is a good city to live in if you are into music, that's for sure.
           There are plenty of venues to play in our hometown, ranging from small clubs to huge concert halls, which actually should mean a promising panorama for a starting band, provided one should have the necessary resources. However, we don't regularly play back home, in order for us and our audience to concentrate our collective energy into a particular, well-planned and memorable show."

    2.Have you had any band member changes since 'Matter?'

    OBSIDIAN KINGDOM: "Indeed, as a matter of fact, only two of the founding members are still in the band.
    It has been a long way for us to finally gather the right individuals and get the band working at full speed in all aspects, which we are doing since a year before 'Mantiis' was released. Our line-up is now exactly as we want it to be- a group of good friends, a collective of artists, a dysfunctional family and a mass of mad music lovers. Just like we dreamed a rock band should be."

    3.I like how each of your records sounds vastly different from one another. Is that deliberate?

    OBSIDIAN KINGDOM: "Yes and no. We definitely try to constantly push our boundaries and test our limits, in that sense, there is a conscience effort to keep trying different things, go one step further and never stop moving. So far we have delved - often with a certain success - into terrains that may have been completely unknown to us in the past, such as live experimentation, video art and electronic music, just to name a few, and we are glad to have dared."

    "But, at the same time, we never know what our next step is going to be like, no matter what we desire or want, and that kind of removes part of  the deliberation from our creative process. We might certainly have an idea about the possible outcomes, and even try to address our energies somewhere, but, in the end, our songs have a life of their own and decide for themselves. We're just here to interpret their will."

    4.I read that you played the 'Mantiis' record live from beginning to end on the day of its debut, did you write the record with the intention of playing it that way?

    OBSIDIAN KINGDOM:  "Yes, we did, as happened all through the 'Mantiis live!' tour. We did write it so that it could be played live in its entirety, keeping most of its details and nuances, and not using many more instruments than those we can actually manage live between the five of us, seven if you count - and you should - our sound and video artists.
    As much as we love to work on things that are impossible to play live - electronic music or remixes for instance - much of the energy that Obsidian Kingdom portrays is displayed in all its glory through our live shows, so we try to keep our songs playable. Nevertheless and like we stated before, we never know what lies ahead.

    5. What artists inspired you to start playing?

    OBSIDIAN KINGDOM: "The complete list would be far too long to be written here, more so if you consider that we are five different individuals with different backgrounds, but since we love discussing music and making polls and things of the like, we might just be able to give you some hints....
    We were almost all born in the mid eighties, so it would be not too wrong to state that many of our early influences are drawn from the 'golden age' of American alternative rock: From Trent Reznor to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, including Nirvana, Tool or the Deftones, the list is endless. We also share a passion for progressive rock bands, with our main and most shared reference being, undoubtedly, Pink Floyd. But you could also bring Queen or Porcupine Tree into the mix.
    And of course there's metal. Even though we don't listen to that much of it as we did when we were younger, there was a time when we dreamed of growing up to be like Metallica, Morbid Angel, Dream Theater, Mayhem or Opeth, you name it. Now we would not settle for anything less than being like Obsidian Kingdom."

    6. In Flames' single 'Deliver Us' (LOVE the band and the song dearly) went Platinum in Sweden recently, Paradise Lost is scheduled to play the Roman Theater in Bulgaria, is metal exploding in Europe or what? Americans like myself are getting jealous! lol

    OBSIDIAN KINGDOM: "Well, the way we see it,  it's not exploding right now or out of the blue; Metal has been going on for fourty years now in Europe, and it has reached a certain social status that guarentees that, for example, a metal band can easily get into Eurovision - the most mainstream and politically correct festival on Earth. That means that metal music is marketable enough, it appeals to the masses and is no longer an underground thing for minorities."

    7. Is there any obscure/unknown band or act you have seen on tour or enjoy listening to personally that you feel everyone should hear?

    OBSIDIAN KINGDOM: "You are definitely referring to Necro Deathmort. Our fellow Londoners are the band that we all love these days, and we just can't stop listening to or recommending them. They have managed to put out three brilliant albums that tastily combine doom metal and electronic music in a unique way that brings together dub and damnation into a pit of droning screams and rhythmic despair, and we absolutely love what they do. Go check them out right now."

    8. Is the sound heard on 'Mantiis' an indication of what your future records will sound like, or will you pursue another direction?
    OBSIDIAN KINGDOM: "We wouldn't bet on it, but even if it happened, 'Mantiis' points in so many directions at once that this in fact would mean nothing at all."
    "The only thing that is certain right now is that we are in the midst of the writing process of the follow-up for 'Mantiis', and that it is far too soon for us to know which direction we are headed - more so because we aren't even done playing with the new gear that we bought not a month ago...

    9.Is there anyone you want to think or shout out to? 
    OBSIDIAN KINGDOM: "Why, of course we would like to thank YOU for your interest and dedication, for keeping a nice blog running with music content, and for interviewing us so that your readers may find out about or know more about us. We are really grateful that you should enjoy our work to the point of offering us your appreciation, attention and time. Thank you so much and receive warm regards from everyone in the band!
    See you on Twitter and remember to not take candy from strangers!"

    Sunday, April 13, 2014

    It's Official: We now live in a communist state.

            I'm usually a 'don't sweat the small stuff' kinda dude, but I'm fresh outta jail, so now I'm looking at the situation for what it was. I called someone on TV a 'faggot' now I'm getting ready to go to court tomorrow for not one but TWO charges: Disorderly Conduct & Resisting arrest. (even though MY thumb is swole up/unusable and my knee skint) I called someone on TV a 'faggot', some dude takes exception to it,which leads me to being ejected from the establishment. OK FINE. I then go next door, order a beer,and the dude from the place I just got kicked out of apparently had a conversation with the owner of the 2nd place, cause that dude decided he didn't wan't me there either.OK COOL. Just gimme my money back for the beer you just sold me. He says 'NO!' So my response is; That's dishonest. If you want me to leave, cool, just give me my money back. Now YOU are STEALING from me. I gave you money for a good/service and you made the decision that you don't want me at your place, that's your right, but I didn't receive the good/service I paid for, so simple logic leads one to the conclusion that you could have just gave me my money back and everything would've been cool. The dude from the Lone Goose fucking PURSUED ME. They told me to leave so I left. But I suppose the bearded clam wasn't satisfied with just throwing me out, so he FOLLOWS ME TO THE NEXT PLACE where I'm then STOLEN FROM & I'm the criminal in this case. This is the insanity we have to deal with. I didn't lay a finger on anyone and somehow I have TWO FUCKING CHARGES!!! Also I wasnt drunk and they cant prove it cause the dumbshit cop didn't give me a breathalyser.  I've been pulled over and searched CANINES AND ALL WITHOUT A WARRANT MULTIPLE TIMES, which has led to nothing, because I'm not a criminal, I'm an honest man. Never dealt drugs, never stole, never conspired against anybody. I've a clean record. I just in a state full of IDIOTS who seem hell bent on catching me doing shit I don't do. I'm a father. Ive provided for my daughters,sacrificed my body so they can have nice things, I'm not seeking any rewards or praise, I'm simply stating facts. We will see tomorrow....