Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's Official: We now live in a communist state.

        I'm usually a 'don't sweat the small stuff' kinda dude, but I'm fresh outta jail, so now I'm looking at the situation for what it was. I called someone on TV a 'faggot' now I'm getting ready to go to court tomorrow for not one but TWO charges: Disorderly Conduct & Resisting arrest. (even though MY thumb is swole up/unusable and my knee skint) I called someone on TV a 'faggot', some dude takes exception to it,which leads me to being ejected from the establishment. OK FINE. I then go next door, order a beer,and the dude from the place I just got kicked out of apparently had a conversation with the owner of the 2nd place, cause that dude decided he didn't wan't me there either.OK COOL. Just gimme my money back for the beer you just sold me. He says 'NO!' So my response is; That's dishonest. If you want me to leave, cool, just give me my money back. Now YOU are STEALING from me. I gave you money for a good/service and you made the decision that you don't want me at your place, that's your right, but I didn't receive the good/service I paid for, so simple logic leads one to the conclusion that you could have just gave me my money back and everything would've been cool. The dude from the Lone Goose fucking PURSUED ME. They told me to leave so I left. But I suppose the bearded clam wasn't satisfied with just throwing me out, so he FOLLOWS ME TO THE NEXT PLACE where I'm then STOLEN FROM & I'm the criminal in this case. This is the insanity we have to deal with. I didn't lay a finger on anyone and somehow I have TWO FUCKING CHARGES!!! Also I wasnt drunk and they cant prove it cause the dumbshit cop didn't give me a breathalyser.  I've been pulled over and searched CANINES AND ALL WITHOUT A WARRANT MULTIPLE TIMES, which has led to nothing, because I'm not a criminal, I'm an honest man. Never dealt drugs, never stole, never conspired against anybody. I've a clean record. I just in a state full of IDIOTS who seem hell bent on catching me doing shit I don't do. I'm a father. Ive provided for my daughters,sacrificed my body so they can have nice things, I'm not seeking any rewards or praise, I'm simply stating facts. We will see tomorrow....

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Records Every Teen Should Own

        My oldest daughter turns 13 this month (on the 26th the same b-day as Johnny Cash!) and of late I've been trying to expose her to music/cultures she might not ever learn about otherwise. It also got me thinking about music I loved as a teen and what teens listen to nowadays (utter horseshit). There are some records that are timeless, that will always be relevant to the teenage experience in America. There are also some I love that I think are underrated that more kids should here. There are also some that I can't stand that many revere such as anything by Led fucking Zepplin or Rage Against the Machine that I hope my daughter never gets into. So without further adieu...

Green Day -  Dookie
            I'm not wild about Green Day's recent albums, but this is one of my all time favorites. Dookie is adolescence. There is not a bad song on the entire record, and the songs are all up-beat and positive generally. (this is important to me, I don't want my kids listening to lots of self-defeating,dwelling on negativity bullshit.I teach my daughter to always look on the bright side of things.) I still listen to this album regularly while working, the songs are so simple and catchy I never get tired of them. American Idiot was a great record as well, but the fuckin goddamn liberal political bullshit is the tiebreaker in my book. This one is politics-free, and timeless. Classic album.

The Cars - Panorama
             This album is as 80's as they come. As for pop/rock, I don't know if anyone has ever done it better. 'Fun' is the best word I can think of to describe this record. There's lots of synth and keyboards, and all the songs are upbeat and catchy. I'm listening to this right now as a matter of fact.

Mobb Deep - The Infamous
        I've recently re-discovered this album. This duo was deified by the skate scene when I was growing up, as their songs were featured on countless skate videos as well as magazine articles. This is Hard-core East coast gangsta rap, but tracks like 'Eye For An Eye' preach a message of honor and brotherhood even among thieves. "So long as the sunshine can light up the skies/We in this together,son/Your beef is mine" suggests the rappers are good souls, who steal and sell dope because opportunities are limited and money is hard to make.Regardless, the rhymes found here are immortal as they are true-to-life. People will always buy Tupac & Biggie's overrated shit, these guys were/are better MC's, but aren't as popular cause they're less marketable and still alive. Nas and Raekwon both appear on 'Eye For An Eye', and the latter's verse is probably my favorite on the entire disc. Legendary stuff.

Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
         Yes, I know SuperUnknown is better in almost every regard, but the songs on this record aren't as depressing/negative in subject matter and therefore more appropriate for a teen audience. Don't be fooled, this album is a great hard rock/metal in its own right. Guitarist Kim Thayil described it as the "heavy metal White Album" due to its overall radio-friendly-ness, and I'm inclined to agree. I'm not a fan of grunge to say the least (in other words, I fucking HATE most grunge), but I've always loved Soundgarden's approach. Many of the guitar riffs are drop-D and heavy, but not bluesy like many of their Seattle counterparts. They've also always had a knack for being able to write very weird lyrics/songs without sounding pretentious. Cornell is in his prime vocally on this one, and the dude can simply wail like no other. I'm sorry, but after hearing this performance, Eddie Vedder sounds like a fuckin amateur. I venture to say Cornell's performance on this record actually 'Outshines' (sorry I couldn't resist) the vox on SuperUnknown, at least in terms of range. 'Rusty Cage' remains one of my favorite songs to this day, 'Slaves and Bulldozers' and 'Holy Water' showcase Cornell's ability to make an otherwise mediocre song great with his legendary lungs. There's also some interesting musical arrangements to be found, from the tension-filled 'Jesus Christ Pose' to the avant-garde 'Room A Thousand Years Wide' and 'New Damage.' There's lots going on in every song, but things never get too complex, and they know the value of hooks. I wish more rock bands put as much thought into their songs these days.

 Foo Fighters - Wasting Light
          I wasn't ever a huge FF fan, until I bought this album. I liked a few of their songs here and there, but was pretty 'meh' about Grohl & company. I don't know what consensus is among their fans, but I say this is easily their best album. The opener 'Bridge Burning' is explosive and upbeat with a fun-to-sing chorus that is a great microcosm for the record. All the songs are catchy and rock hard enough to force you to air guitar or air-drum along. It's hard for me to pick one favorite song, honestly. I'd say it's a tie between 'Back and Fourth' and the just plain beautiful/inspirational 'Walk', but 'Arlandria', 'A Matter of Time', and 'Dear Rosemary' are good enough to be the 'best song' on a lesser LP. The songs are also generally positive and upbeat, which is another reason I would rather my kids listen to this than something like NIN or Marilyn Manson (God forbid MM!!!!).
I'm outta time, but will finish this entry tomorrow. Thanks for reading and God bless.

Monday, February 17, 2014

I Want To Be Gay When I Grow Up

        All this celebrating famous people's sexuality is getting obnoxious. I just read the little shit from Juno came out during an acceptance speech for some award (was the award for being gay?) during which she said this: 
    "I also do it selfishly, because I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission. I suffered for years because I was scared to be out. My spirit suffered, my mental health suffered and my relationships suffered."
        The gay folks need to get it through their thick skulls that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD NOT KNOWING THAT YOU ARE GAY DOES NOT EQUAL OPPRESSION IN ANY SENSE OF THE WORD. I honestly don't have any issues with gay people except the flamboyant ones, whom I think even other gay people hate.  This imaginary oppression allegedly suffered by people who drive cars that cost more than my fucking house bullshit needs to stop, yesterday. I'm beyond sick and tired of seeing people with more money than me saying they're oppressed somehow. It's offensive, not to mention just plain retarded. I know my opinion isn't valid because I'm a straight white male who has never had to work to earn anything, has never been discriminated against (how many single white sluts do you know that will sleep with anything but a white dude? lol unless he's 6'10" or something) but someone's gotta say something.You are free to do whatever you want in the bedroom, but you don't have to let everyone know about it. Some people might disapprove, but you are inviting persecution by bringing up the topic, no? Also, why doesn't anyone ever ask any Muslims about their views on homosexuality? EVERY SINGLE  crusader I see on TV or online always uses Christian persecution of gays as examples of their so-called plight. In Muslim countries, they EXECUTE  people for homosexual acts. Why isn't anyone increasing awareness about that? Because it's not trendy, of course!!! Muslims are another supposedly persecuted minority according to consensus, so holding that institution accountable for its sins against the LBGT folks would create some sort of liberal contradiction that might destroy their bullshit universe, ala Back To The Future when your past self realizes it's interacting with its future self.
          Then there's Michael Sam, who received a standing ovation the other day at some function at his Alma Mater Missouri that I'm too lazy to look up. We're talking about an NFL player who makes millions of dollars by playing a game. Most of these jocks are treated like goddamn royalty from high school forward, but now he's gay so we're supposed to believe he's had a hard life. FUCK THAT!! I CANNOT empathize with someone whose watch costs more than my car. This is beyond retarded.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

   Listen to Gojira.
            I saw this band I'm pretty sure at a Metal Blade 25th Anniversary show in Atlanta. I think that was the show headlined by Cannibal Corpse. There were lots of bands playing that night, but I can't remember if that was the exact show or not (I get plastered at shows), but I know for certain I've seen them. I didn't give them much attention that night, I think I assumed they were some sort of retro-thrash band because of their name they were a retro-thrash band. Perhaps a strange assumption in retrospect, but that's just me. My second daughter Charity Rose used to fall asleep to 'L'Enfant Sauvage' (the wild child) every night. That record is impossible to describe in simple terms, I'll put it that way. I love the riffs. I love the vocals, everything about the album. I've yet to read any of the lyrics, so I'm going on the music itself, (some bands'songs I never bother trying to learn. I only pay attention to the music. mostly extreme stuff) but I love the wandering nature of the songs' directions. I listen to little prog, as if you know how to write a song, you don't need 15min + to get to the point. Most of that stuff is simply trying too hard to display your musical abilities, rather than writing quality songs as artists who have talent do. (I promise I'm not going to go on yet another anti-prog/core rant, they've been becoming quite frequent)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Q & A with Scott of September Sky
  There still are many great rock bands out there. I probably hear at least one new band every day, but September Sky have managed to make an impression. They simply write great hard rock/metal songs in the vein of Soundgarden, Tool, Alice in Chains, even a bit of Guns n' Roses and Black Sabbath, without sounding like a carbon copy of their influences. You can hear for yourself here:

 How is the Rock/Metal music scene in Indianapolis? Are there lots
  of bands/shows?

"The Indianapolis scene is interesting. Several great hard rock bands & metal bands in this city.  And there are a handful of venues and supporters who are dedicated to showcasing original metal acts. The number of venues promoting original hard rock and metal are not as thriving as one may expect in a big city. we are definitely thankful for the venues, supporters and bands we have worked with, and we are dedicated to helping grow the scene. Indiana in general doesn't seem to fall on many industry executive's radars. I think that's the norm for Midwest entertainment. Seems to gravitate toward East Coast, West Coast and Nashville. Nevertheless, we are grateful for where we are and what we have."

What record would you say inspired you to become a musician the most?

"Its all over the board for everyone in the band but here are a few. Metallica: Master of Puppets, Tool: Undertow, Soundgarden: Superunknown, Alice in Chains: Dirt, Anything Ozzy or Black Sabbath related..."

  There's more bands now than I think there's ever been before, is it
  a blessing or a curse?

"I think it's great because there are that many more styles and great artists to discover. It Definitely makes it tougher to break through and get noticed on a national scale."

 I love your guitar riffs. Who writes the music/lyrics? Is the
  songwriting one member's job or is it a collaborative thing?

"We all write the music collectively. The riffs Usually start with one guitar and drums. We add and layer from there. I write all the lyrics and those typically come last."

 Are there any bands playing/touring right now that you would say
  you're big fans of? Or that you would want other people to hear?

"Definitely. Too many to list. 5FDP, A Day to Remember, Trivium. On a more regional level, I just discovered a new band from Ohio called Cinema Sleep. Really digging those guys..."

 Your sound is kind of hard to classify. Does that make it harder to
  earn fans?If you had to describe your band's sound to someone who has
  never heard you, what comparisons would you make?

"I think it helps our fan base because we offer a little bit of everything. The Rock crowd seems to gravitate to the songs but so do metal fans. To describe our music? Imagine if modern hard rock, metal and grunge all had a collective baby. I'd say that about does it."

  Let's talk about artistic vision. Do you have any idols that you
  look up to and wish to emulate/pay homage to, or is your music more
  personal  expression?

"We certainly all have our artists that we like. But we don't try to copy any of them. It's more about combining those influences and our original expressions to deliver a message."

Is there an 'overall' message to your music or are your songs
  written to stand alone?

"Every song is different but the overall message would be one of perseverance through dark times and dark seasons in life."

How has the band's style/sound evolved or changed since inception?

"Its become more refined and fuller. More well rounded and dynamic. "Beautifully heavy" is how some have described it. I think that fits pretty well."

  Any shout outs or people you want to thank or acknowledge?

"Many thanks to every single one of our fans and supporters. This is all for them in the end. Hopefully our songs have spoken to our fans in some way. We are also very appreciative to all the venues and bands who work with us on a monthly basis. Scott Rainey of The Hit Department for recording both our albums. Adam Shewmaker for his video production skills. Yourself for this interview...forgetting several more so thanks to everyone who has ever helped or cared about September Sky. We cannot thank you enough."

Sunday, January 26, 2014

 I haven't blogged since I don't know when, as I've been busy with family, business and trying at least to write for an NBA website. I officially quit yesterday, without posting a single article on the site. I had some experience with writer's block during my stint with The Brenner Brief, (I don't care what anyone says, I'm proud of each and every one of those columns.) but never this bad. I'm not sure what happened, but I couldn't write anything to save my live. I'm not sure if it was me, or the horrendously shitty product the NBA is putting out there that stifled my creativity, but I had nothing. It may prove to be the latter, cause the product the NBA is putting out there SUCKS very hard. It looks as though everyone has forgotten fundamentals altogether. Name a point guard besides Stephen Curry with a decent 3pt%................................................................................................................................... ............................................................................................................................................................................Chris Paul has a great jumper, but not a three. That's just one aspect. What about big men? Which big man is the best in the league currently? Howard is entertaining and all, but has yet to break through the barrier of mediocrity, save a few ally hoops here and there. It's painful to watch some of these games. Seriously. I don't know if it's this younger generation's demeanor or if it's a cultural thing to strive to be docile and friendly with your opponents, but knock it the fuck off! I'm sick of all this buddy-buddy/cooperation BULLSHIT. I think it is actually a product of the League trying so hard to be so many different things that it has forgotten how to do its job. There are a few glimmers of hope; Portland, Indiana, Golden State and Chicago seem to know how to get a team together. Hopefully George Karl comes back and maaayyybe Phil Jackson (I'm not going to hold my breath for Phil) so we can have like, professional-caliber basketball games again! Right now, the college kids could probably beat the majority of the League's teams. I've heard Charles Barkley and Shaq fuss about this as well, to no avail obviously. I don't remember seeing Jordan and Isiah picnicing  and sharing their hopes and fears with each other. Magic and Larry never rode a bike made for two to Boston Garden (or what ever the hell they called it in the 80's). I'm out of time, so if you're a fan of basketball, keep bitchin' on social media. They'll get it eventually.

Monday, January 13, 2014

What LeBron's Advice Should Have Been

     LeBron James had some (too) friendly advice for Knicks Forward Carmelo Anthony (After the Knicks beat the Heat, no less!). I'm gonna paraphrase, cause I don't feel like finding the exact quote: "He needs to do what makes him happy, whatever his priorities are, blah blah blah.." I'm not doubting LeBron's desire to win Championships, I think he's proven that's his #1 priority - he knew he was going to piss ALOT of folks off joining the Heat squad - I just think maybe all these NBA stars are just a little too friendly with each other these days. Could you imagine MJ offering career advice to Isaiah Thomas or Karl Malone? What about Charles Barkley offering to share his wisdom with Shaq? Not a chance in hell! If I were LeBron and a reporter asked me a similar question, my reply would be more along the lines of "I think he should go home and fuck himself." These guys need to realize their job is winning NBA Championships and everyone not wearing the same colors are trying to prevent them from doing so. I'm not saying we need bench-clearing brawls at games, but all this high-fiving and photo ops with opposing players before/after games is getting nauseating! I believe in sportsmanship as much as anyone-to a point. I cannot fathom how being good buddies with opposing players could possibly give you any advantage in winning. I don't think fans watch games to see how great everyone gets along, this is supposed to be a goddamned competition! I'll finish this rant later my baby Faith is yelling to get my attention lol.....