Monday, February 3, 2014

Q & A with Scott of September Sky
  There still are many great rock bands out there. I probably hear at least one new band every day, but September Sky have managed to make an impression. They simply write great hard rock/metal songs in the vein of Soundgarden, Tool, Alice in Chains, even a bit of Guns n' Roses and Black Sabbath, without sounding like a carbon copy of their influences. You can hear for yourself here:

 How is the Rock/Metal music scene in Indianapolis? Are there lots
  of bands/shows?

"The Indianapolis scene is interesting. Several great hard rock bands & metal bands in this city.  And there are a handful of venues and supporters who are dedicated to showcasing original metal acts. The number of venues promoting original hard rock and metal are not as thriving as one may expect in a big city. we are definitely thankful for the venues, supporters and bands we have worked with, and we are dedicated to helping grow the scene. Indiana in general doesn't seem to fall on many industry executive's radars. I think that's the norm for Midwest entertainment. Seems to gravitate toward East Coast, West Coast and Nashville. Nevertheless, we are grateful for where we are and what we have."

What record would you say inspired you to become a musician the most?

"Its all over the board for everyone in the band but here are a few. Metallica: Master of Puppets, Tool: Undertow, Soundgarden: Superunknown, Alice in Chains: Dirt, Anything Ozzy or Black Sabbath related..."

  There's more bands now than I think there's ever been before, is it
  a blessing or a curse?

"I think it's great because there are that many more styles and great artists to discover. It Definitely makes it tougher to break through and get noticed on a national scale."

 I love your guitar riffs. Who writes the music/lyrics? Is the
  songwriting one member's job or is it a collaborative thing?

"We all write the music collectively. The riffs Usually start with one guitar and drums. We add and layer from there. I write all the lyrics and those typically come last."

 Are there any bands playing/touring right now that you would say
  you're big fans of? Or that you would want other people to hear?

"Definitely. Too many to list. 5FDP, A Day to Remember, Trivium. On a more regional level, I just discovered a new band from Ohio called Cinema Sleep. Really digging those guys..."

 Your sound is kind of hard to classify. Does that make it harder to
  earn fans?If you had to describe your band's sound to someone who has
  never heard you, what comparisons would you make?

"I think it helps our fan base because we offer a little bit of everything. The Rock crowd seems to gravitate to the songs but so do metal fans. To describe our music? Imagine if modern hard rock, metal and grunge all had a collective baby. I'd say that about does it."

  Let's talk about artistic vision. Do you have any idols that you
  look up to and wish to emulate/pay homage to, or is your music more
  personal  expression?

"We certainly all have our artists that we like. But we don't try to copy any of them. It's more about combining those influences and our original expressions to deliver a message."

Is there an 'overall' message to your music or are your songs
  written to stand alone?

"Every song is different but the overall message would be one of perseverance through dark times and dark seasons in life."

How has the band's style/sound evolved or changed since inception?

"Its become more refined and fuller. More well rounded and dynamic. "Beautifully heavy" is how some have described it. I think that fits pretty well."

  Any shout outs or people you want to thank or acknowledge?

"Many thanks to every single one of our fans and supporters. This is all for them in the end. Hopefully our songs have spoken to our fans in some way. We are also very appreciative to all the venues and bands who work with us on a monthly basis. Scott Rainey of The Hit Department for recording both our albums. Adam Shewmaker for his video production skills. Yourself for this interview...forgetting several more so thanks to everyone who has ever helped or cared about September Sky. We cannot thank you enough."

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