Monday, October 29, 2012

             Al Gore and Mike Bloomberg must be giddy.  Right now Sandy is bearing down on the east coast, causing mass power outages, billions of dollars in damages, and leaving scores of Americans homeless or displaced.  But think of how much less carbon will be emitted into the atmosphere!  I've also read the NYSE floor will be closed for the next couple of days(Though we're praying to Gaia trading will cease for the rest of the week.)  Think of how much money the capitalist pigs won't be making!  N.Y. alone will be like one huge "Occupy" rally.  The more I think about it, the more the the storm and its aftermath resemble the utopian leftists ideal way of life.  No one going to work, no one traveling to wherever they please, no coal-burning power plants providing cheap electricity, and best of all, no one going to church!  The downside of course, is this to shall pass.  Inevidably, power will be restored, airports will be up and running and the western way of life will carry on.  If not for humans (especially Americans') seemingly invincible spirit to overcome and compassion for those in desperate need, every week could be this great.  I guess we should just keep hoping for another disaster, natural or otherwise, that will bring out the worst in us rather than the best.

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