Wednesday, October 31, 2012

            Ann Coulter took an opportunity  today to remind us how important this upcoming election is.  As usual, she's right.  The government seige of one-sixth of the economy(not to mention student loans) will probably mortally wound our economy.  Obama's promise to continue debt-based economic policy and willingness to let Bush tax cuts expire WILL destroy our economy.  Economists have been quoted saying "Invest in metal" if Obama is re-elected.  Know why?  Because he believes quantitative easing (printing money) is the magical solution to our debt problems.  The republic of the United States of America has ZERO CHANCE of survival if he is re-elected.  This is not an opinion.  This is not partisan rhetoric.  The only issue to debate is whether Mr. Obama is, as some believe, the progeny of 60's radicals bent on overthrowing the United States government from within, or merely a very liberal democrat who believes the government is the solution to all problems which the private sector is responsible.  I'm still not even sure which version I believe.  There is lots of compelling evidence for the former, yet the latter seems much more plausible.  They are answers to a question I never want to have to ponder: What set of ideals led to the death of America?

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