Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Here's another moronic "cause" lots of people are rallying around these days. For various reasons, lots of people are unhappy that other people think pit bulls are a vicious breed of dogs(they are). I see postings on facebook all the time similar to the one below. Animal rights is probably my least favorite liberal cause gone mainstream.
                   For starters, we now have animal charities. This is nothing short of imbecilic in my (not) humble opinion. I especially like the advertisement where the abused dogs and cats are pondering things like the motives of their captors and when their suffering will cease. First off, animals can't think! Not even the really lovable ones. Secondly, aren't there lots of human beings in this world more entitled to this money? Sorry, orphans and widows, there are cats out there without scratching posts. On the bright side, you do get a "free" tote bag with EXTRA LARGE animal charity logo, so everyone will know you are a gullible dumbass. I understand the outlook of many animal lovers. Many have been betrayed or otherwise hurt by people at some point, so they prefer the company of dumb beasts because animals provide  unconditional love and companionship free of the risk of potential disappointments and heartache of human interaction. I empathize with these people, but being hurt is a part of life. People will always let you down and occasionally even stab you in the back. It can be hard to cope with. Hard, but not impossible. I can't help but think many people are wasting their time and effort devoting so much of both to ease suffering of animals. So many around us could use a lift. There are many wounded, lonely people in this world. There are many who go to work everyday, do all they are supposed to, only to arrive home to an empty house or apartment. There are many single parents doing their best job possible to be both parents, alone. There are elderly widows and widowers whose companion they've shared their entire life with is gone. There are many teetering on the edge of madness from bad fortunes, financial, romantic and otherwise. Some people are ashamed of their adverse circumstances, having always been responsible and successful. My point is that we have become a people who would rather judge our brothers who are suffering hardship than help him in many cases. We judge our brother to be unworthy of compassion, then spend time and resources to rescue animals. All of us know at least one person who is struggling with adversity. Why not be rescuer to them? It may not make a difference, but the chance is zero if you don't try at all. The dogs and cats won't even hold it against you, because they're dogs and cats, they cant. Idiot.

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