Saturday, February 9, 2013

         This was the first Misfits album I ever bought. I had only heard them on skate videos and a mixtape my bro Dave made for me(Where Eagles Dare). I only had enough money to buy one tape (yes this was a while ago) and I had the choice between Morbid Angel's Domination or this one. I wanted to hear something different, so I opted for this one. I fell in love the first time I heard it. The songs are very short, like sped up 50's rock mixed with the Ramones maybe. This is where Glenn Danzig made a name for himself, with a super cool Elvis meets Jim Morrison drawl that is as infectious as it was original. (in 81). This was actually released on a major label, which is why it is the only record not included in their mandatory coffin boxed set.
         The longest track on this is probably 2:30 at the most. All the songs are about horror/b-movie topics (zombies,aliens,vampires,dead folks, etc), which is weird, but I guess thats just how Danzig rolls. You will have lots of fun singing along to these simple catchy songs,and with titles like "I Turned Into A Martian", "Devil's Whorehouse", and "Astro Zombies", you'll never take any of it very seriously. I guess this is what I love most about this record and this band. The songs are all upbeat and catchy, and short, what's not to like? This was also an extremely influential band whos DNA has found it's way into the sounds of countless Punk,Hardcore, and even Metal bands. So go pick this up at your local record store, you won't be disappointed.And Fuck iTunes, they already have plenty of money!

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