Friday, February 1, 2013

I try not to be small minded. I try to look at things through other's eyes before judging. It is still not enough to make sense of this culture. For once, I'm not even fussing about pop culture, I'm referring to the extreme music scene and how they need to pull their head out of their ass.
      Take Napalm Death for example. I LOVE Napalm Death. Harmony Corruption, Fear,Emptiness,Despair and Diatribes were all great works, in my opinion. To change their sound the way they did and still retain the intensity of their early grindcore stuff is no small feat at all. My interest in the band dwindled after Inside the Torn Apart. I didn't hear anything from them until Order of the Leech, which was pretty good, though it fell in the same trap as many of their old records as being repetitive. Utilitarian is their best work, in my opinion. The new elements like the clean singing complement the music perfectly, and give it a bit of atmosphere,which was the one thing they really lacked up to that point due to the hardcore influence on their music, I suppose. I loved Utilitarian, but the left-wing-'Occupy-friendly lyrical themes had me cringing. For those who don't know this band is from Birmingham UK so you can guess what political value system they adhere to, Anti-Capitalist,Anti-Christian,Anti-White folks,Anti-competition, i.e. Cultural Marxism. I'm pretty used to this, but its getting to the point that it's ridiculous. What I see as a threat to the UK's soverignty and well being is the agenda of radical Islam.Due to the elite's stranglehold on ideology, the British have been deceived into believing that they owe middle eastern people a living, for some reason. So the brits appear content to step aside and let their country be conquered by muslims. Oh well I suppose.But instead of ranting about actual threats, Napalm Death still choose to blame capitalism and civilization for all their woes. How much sense does that make? I've been a fan of Death Metal/Grindcore/Whatever-core and I see the same themes over and over and over again. I know rock'n roll is supposed to be rebellious,but it seems the hippies have said all they are going to say, in case you haven't noticed.The Rolling Stones are fossils literally. Can we please move on? They never come up with anything new, and it is supposed to be hip somehow, to repeat yourself over and over. It's nonsense.

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