Saturday, February 2, 2013

Want weirdness? Vladimir Putin is inviting Boyz To Men to perform in Russia on Valentine's day to help spur procreation. I'm not making this up. Apparently, the birth rate is low. If there are russian women in need of impregnation, why didn't he just call me? I'm not hard to find at all,and making babies appears to be my only talent....
I got tired of running beads over and over again in welding class, so I made this:
It was supposed to be two gears working it looks like two fucked up crosses or something, i dunno, its kinda cool, Im gonna grind it to make it all shiny maybe that'll help.At least I tried, dammit.
  The Super Bowl is tomorrow, I haven't figured out if I'm going to get drunk or watch the game at church,we'll see I guess. I'll probably get drunk, but you never know....
Also I heard earlier that YET ANOTHER conservative/gun rights activist has been murdered. A suspect has been apprehended, and I want to know EVERYTHING about the dude who did it. If he's an Occupy Black Bloc dude, we officially have an insurgency in America and it's a fucking shame. God help us. Please pray for our country.It is under attack constantly, whether people acknlowedge it or not is another story, but to put it bluntly: THE DEVIL NEVER RESTS

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