Monday, November 12, 2012

                                         Green Energy Gambling

                  Our President believes in green energy.  That's a statement both sides of the political aisle can agree on.  There is no doubt he thinks it is the key to energy independence as well as creating well paying jobs for Americans.  He would also insist green energy is less polluting than fossil fuels and thus better for the enviornment.  A "win-win" if you will.  To his credit, our president has put our money where his mouth is, investing around $100 BILLION (that we know of) in this new industry, while striking down the Keystone XL pipeline, and increasing EPA influence to attack coal and natural gas through regulation.  Results?  Unemployment still 8% and billions of borrowed dollars squandered on ideas not ready for prime time.
                  After week 9 of the NFL season, the Cleveland Browns have a win-loss record of 2-7.  Despite signing Heisman winner (and Alabama alum!) Trent Richardson to a 4-year, $20.5 Million dollar contract, and 28 year old rookie Brandon Weeden (wrong move in my book) to a 4 year, $8.1 million dollar contract, my beloved Browns are floundering.  It looks like their chances of winning their first Lombardi Trophy this year are practically nil.  I believe the Browns can win.  I've been a fan of the beleaguered franchise as long as I can remember.  But if I had to make a wager which team will win the Super Bowl this year, I'd pick the 49'ers or the Patriots.  They have better records, players,coaches,management, as well as strategies and buisness models.  They also have more money, which they have earned by selling a product people want.  Obama and Democrats want to invest more in green energy.  It's also safe to assume they will continue their war on fossil fuels as well.  Why do they keep betting on the Browns, when it's clear they have little chance of winning?  Probably because they're betting with YOUR money.

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