Sunday, November 18, 2012

                            Don't Let The Door Hit ya, Ron.
         Everytime I talk to a Ron Paul supporter, I end up angry. I've never actually "spoken"to a Paulien in person, because the internet is their turf - more on that later. I'm sure most reasonable conservatives can relate to me on this one. First come the youtube videos (because if someone has made a video about it, it MUST be true!), then new-to-the-american-vernacular words like "neo-con" or "blowback". They are so convinced that they are right, and so verbose and persistent, I usually tire of the debate pretty fast. I'm sure most who have talked to a Paul supporter have heard that he is the ONLY ONE in the entire world who can save our republic. This should be a red flag to any person with good sense that you are dealing with someone who is deceived. Ron Paul's true gift is the ability to deceive. He's fooled people into believing he's a conservative. He's fooled people into believing he's a genius. He's even fooled some in Washington into believing his name should be on the Constitution. You read that right, there is a petition in D.C. right now that would put Ron, 9-11 Was America's Fault, Paul's name on the Constiution. What has this man achieved to deserve the honor? Let's look at his Legislative career. In 22 years "service" in the Legislative Branch, Mr.Paul has a grand total of ONE bill that was signed into law. The inconsequential HR 21 in 2009, which authorized the sale of the old U.S. Customs House in Galveston TX.  So why are people like Paul Mulshine writer for The Star Leger saying "Ron Paul's Farewell Adress: Right Up There With George's - Not Bush's, Washington's"? Because they have been deceived into believing that Ron Paul has anyone but his own best interests at heart, of course! They believe his pathetically unproductive career in the House and Senate was he was ahead of his time or too pricipled. I'm sure the list of excuses is  long, as they always are for losers.
               What people misconstrue for his ideas is his ability to find fault in other's policies or platforms. Anytime someone starts naming his "accomplishments", they are basically just listing the times he has found a contradiction in someone else's work and pointed it out publicly. That is not an accomplishment. If it is, Roger Ebert is the second coming of Christ. Ron Paul accomplished nothing in 22 years of "service" in the House and Senate. This is a fact. I'm sure you can show me lots of great quotes and sound bytes from that span of time, but that is all just talk. Criticizing someone else's work is about the easiest thing in the world to do, as liberals have proved to us over and over. How is it different when Ron Paul does it? How is it not an outright lie when he asserts there is no real difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama? How is it not criminally petty not to endorse Mitt Romney after your own joke of a presidential campaign ends? Why is Ron Paul exempt from scrutiny or criticism?
             Many of his "ideas" are simply inapplicable. Going back to the gold standard? Who has $15 Trillion in gold?! He also believes that if we simply give up on the war on terrorism, and retreat from Afghanistan and Iraq, the war on terror will end, because we started it. And the people who make up Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Qaida are reasonable. If we hadn't used Saudi bases during  the first Gulf War (which we shouldn't have been involved in,we should have just let Saddam have Kuwait, he would probably be satisfied with that) 9-11 and other attacks against the U.S. wouldn't have happened. And Israel shouldn't exist. That's not Ron Paul's position, but it is the palestinians',Egyptians',Syrians',Iranian's and Lebanese and we have no buisness being the world's policemen. So if the muslims wish to destroy Israel, who are we to intervene?                              
            What is percieved to be true is often determined by consensus, and if it is consensus that Ron Paul deserves to have his name on the Constitution, Barack Obama may not be our biggest problem after all.

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