Thursday, November 29, 2012

            Here is a good example of how clueless jackasses are filling people's heads full of lies. When a fool insists lies are true, he isin't corrected if he belongs to a group protected by the liberal narrative. If someone is speaking about a topic in which it is obvious they lack knowledge, it should be acknowledged that this person is ignorant. The majority of Americans don't follow politics closely. This means that they are "informed" by movies, television, and their peers. This creates an opportunity for those with an agenda to influence public opinion or consensus. This is why the majority of people who casually follow politics or don't at all are liberal. They are "educated" by pop culture, which seeks to perpetuate it's own existence by teaching simpleton logic and erroneous history to maintain its relevance. Here is a good example:

(Its a video of professional mouth-runner Mos Def showing how ignorant he is on politics, history)

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