Monday, January 28, 2013

I read a piece on Facebook from the Huffington Post praising liberal troll Jon Stewart for supposedly being smart and funny. I don't know if I can put into words how much I HATE his show, as well as its underhanded opinion-forming tactics, but I'll try...
        First off, it should be a dead give away that the object of this show is to create a casual liberal audience out of unsuspecting moron viewers is the fact that it insists it is NOT a news/info show, when, although it is not, it tries to be. The asshole does nothing but trash basically all conservative/Republican viewpoints, supporting the narrative that they are unenlightened, uneducated hillbillies who are blinded by their belief in the false Christian God. The show tries to target democrats occasionally to give the illusion that they are impartial, a fact repeated endlessly by the show's fans, only convincing themselves of the delusion. It is nothing but left-wing simpleton politics/ideology, under the guise of comedy. It's spinoff the Colbert Report is an even more egregious example of this shit-for-brains approach to infotainment. Here is a link to a video from a few years ago informing its viewers that Al Jazeera is a legitimate news source and should be available (be sure to ask your cable provider!) in the United States, and anyone who disagrees is a right wing idiot clinging to the Bible and American flag blah blah blah...
Anyone who doubts what Im saying should ask themselves:" Why in the fuck would an American TV show that questions the credibility of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh EVERY DAY also be trying to convince me that Al Jazeera is a network I should be watching?" Bear in mind this is THREE YEARS before Al Gore sold his bullshit network to the terrorist pieces of shit. Here's another link to a video of a western journalist who has decided to work for Al Jazeera because I guess being a pussy submissive traitor to satan sounded like a good idea.

Share this with people you know, get the word out about these assholes. They are fighting against our country's best interest because they are deceived by the forces of darkness. God help us.

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