Thursday, January 24, 2013

           I got the new Bad Religion album 'True North' yesterday. I can't tell if I don't like it or I'm just not in the mood to listen to Bad Religion. I guess I should note that Bad Religion is my favorite band. I am well aware they are liberals, and atheists,but they are still making decent records. Most of their albums since founding member Brett Gurewitz re-joined the band have been solid overall. Yes, it is a tad repetitive, yes they aren't breaking any new ground, but neither are the fuckin Chili Peppers, or whatever other band whose members are approaching 50 (yes FIFTY.MR.Brett is FIFTY!!I couldn't believe it either!). I don't really follow bands who still choose to flog the corpse of punk rock (it was killed by liberals) I still listen to NOFX, Rancid,and Social Distortion. Generally I listen to Death Metal/Extreme 'Core/Grind/Whatever the kids call it these days. I guess Death Metal/Hardcore is appropriate. That reminds me I got the new NOFX as anniversary present (I just realized I didn't get her anything,I'm a bastard I know, but she actually requested me to spend the money I would have on her present on the kids which I did and that's how my daughter got an iPod Touch.I immediatly quit the job cause my mgr was a racist bastard who cussed me out literally every 10 minutes.I quit in the middle of the shift too,to make it worse. The guy walks in late and I was sitting reading a paper, (this is at a warehouse for a newspaper)so I fold it up and place it on a stack. He tells me to get my midget ass over there put the paper where it was supposed to go and I say "I put it where it went, relax." But noooo this asshole starts berating me as he does every night I work over every petty thing so I say " I got a better idea;How about you find another sucker to do this bullshit? Fuck you and this job. He kinda paused and started following me out wanting to talk asking me to to stop. To which I replied "I don't need the money bad enough to put up with your stupid shit every night, I quit, I'm outta here.")
        So I guess I should write about the new NOFX. It didn't make my top ten records of 2012, that's for sure! I have even more of a love/hate relationship with NOFX than Bad Religion, for numerous reasons. NOFX was pretty apolitical(they even made fun of liberals) for most of their career, until the war in Iraq. Fat Mike was subsequently brainwashed and fell for the commie narrative hook, line and sinker. It's ironic, because the CD that resulted "The War On Errorism" is probably my favorite NOFX album. By a mile. NOFX is bad about making filler tracks that are fucking stupid to take up space on records.Punk in Drublic,as well as White Trash,Two Heebs And A Bean have multiple filler tracks.That's part of NOFX's charm though, is they do things for the express purpose of pissing people of so if you're a fan you're used to it. Anyway the new NOFX is called Self EnTitled (yes, another fuckin pun name). The first song "72 hookers" is probably my favorite song on the record.
I'm listening to Ronnie & Mags right now and it really demonstrates how fuckin stupid liberals are. For starters, they are bitching about Magaret Thatcher shutting down government coal mines, (they HAD to shut them down, they were losing shitloads of money because ONCE AGAIN nationalizing industries FAILS EVERY TIME). The second song is about being an atheist, which is sooo trendy now. I think those people bother me even more than liberals. How are you categorized by something you DON'T do? I think its a crock of shit, atheists are just angry, whiney bitches who can't accept that life isn't fair. I guess if I looked like Penn Jillete, I'd be pissed at God too. The record is pretty good I guess, I just wish they weren't such adament atheist/liberals its fuckin annoying to listen to someone say things you KNOW are bullshit,yknow? Either way it's still 100 orders of magnitude better than the crap people call music these days.Seriously it's pathetic.I'm supposed to give a fuck if Kanye West wears a skirt on stage? The music industry is in the toilet because its selling a shitty product. They can blame piracy all they want, but the truth is the corporations that run the record industry are afraid of taking risks on new music, so they keep shoveling the same shit over and over. There are lots of great bands that would/could be selling millions of records if a few suits would take a chance on bands like In Flames,The Red Chord,The Sword,Soilwork, there are so many. Hear that Major Labels?!  WE VE HAD ENOUGH FUCKIN SNOOP DOGG!
         I didn't even intend to write about music. I was gonna bitch about how Beyonce lip synced the national anthem and Phil Mickelson is apologizing for saying he's leaving California.
       I was goofing off on youtube and found this,
       Its an example of how people are learning about politics these days. It honestly frightens me. If we are this stupid, we are doomed. Like it or not, the Simpsons and the Daily Show are where folks are getting their information these days, and anyone who argues this point is delusional because it is blatantly obvious to any one with any sense. Irrational liberals are calling the shots now, who knows what's going to happen? CBS's media chief ENCOURAGED Obama to "Destroy the Republican Party." The Lord tells us not to worry, so I try my best not to.

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