Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Japanese Rip-Off Extravaganza!

          I was drawn outside by a strange odor filling my welding lab today. I smelled strangely familiar, yet poisonous, like a comparison I can't come up with. There was a dude cutting an oil pan with a plasma cutter(the best toy ever),that had a metal shaft bisecting it perpendicularly. "What the hell is that?" I asked, blowing cigarette smoke. "It's for a Skyline GT-R, we're converting it from AWD to RWD" he replied. I told him that was part of the reason that I hate japanese cars, their unnceccasary complexity. I used the difference between BMW's Valvetronic variable valve lift system and Honda's VTEC as examples. He didn't exactly agree, but said Japanese people "think different" than other people, which I found interesting. Whose system is better depends on who you ask, as is whether it is wise to have still employed the use of timing belts until recently(that's a whole nother article, I suppose)but it reminded me of someone I used to know.
             Some people, who coincidentally are usually really into Magna/Anime and other childish shit, think Japanese people are smarter than everyone else. Some people insist that video games, (which they didn't invent), automobiles(not these either), and other technologies they rip off from other countries are proof. Is there any proof to these claims? Lets see..
          The first thing I always think of when I think of Japanese stuff is cars. They are good at building and designing them, many believe. I believe they are better at improving on existing concepts, reverse engineering, if you will. Check out Toyota's first Lexus LS400, next to a Mercedez-Benz of the same era

   Looks like the same damn car, doesn't it?! The similarities don't end there. Here's some specs:
                                                                Mercedes s420                        Lexus LS400
Engine size:                                             4.2L (4200cc)V8                  4.0L (4000cc)V8
Power (hp):                                                 275 hp                                 260 hp
Chassis Type                                          Front Engine RWD           Front Engine RWD
Overall Length                                       205.2"                                        196.7"
Height                                                         58"                                          56.5"
Width                                                          74"                                          72"
 The apeing doesn't end there. Lexus' BMW fighter, the IS 300 was a blatant rip-off of BMW's 3 Series. I'll spare you all the details, but each was a small, RWD sedan, with a 3.0 liter 6-cylinder engine producing 225hp! If the similarities weren't so close, it wouldn't be so obvious all they are doing is buying a competitor's car, stripping it down and seeing where improvements can be made. This is why I don't care much for Japanese cars. All they ever really do is imitate the Germans. They are known for reliability, which can't be disputed, but someone has to call them out on this crap, they've been doing it forever. I saw Neil Cavouto(sp) talking about how Apple's stock had been taking a beating as of late, mostly due to the fact that Samsung is totally ripping off the iPhone. It's quite shameless. I have a Samsung Galaxy, and even I agree it is totally an iPhone imitation. I don't know how laws work for stealing other people's ideas in the global market, but Samsung should at least have to pay Apple something, for they owe all their wireless buisness to the existence of the iPhone. We all also know there probably would be no Nintendo if not for Atari. It looks as if most American and German companies are doing all the research and development for Japanese companies. Pretty good scam they have going.                                  

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