Monday, January 7, 2013

        Our government is waging war against the banking industry and capitalism in general with frivilous lawsuits. The scheme is to corner banks into a catch-22 of being sued whatever choice they make. According to our Justice Department and the ACLU, denying a minority a housing loan is racist. Adjustable rate mortages are also racist. In a 335 Million racial discrimination settlement reached between Bank of America and the Justice Department, Countrywide (bought by BOA) charged higher fees and interest to black and latino than whites. It also insinuates the reason the black and hispanic customers were unable to pay the loans was because of the exorbited rates and fees. In yet another racial discrimination suit filed by the ACLU last year, Morgan Stanley is accused of "providing strong incentives to originate mortages that were likely to be foreclosed on" according to the ACLU website. In other words, they offered mortages to unqualified lenders because if they didn't, or charged higher interest to make loans less desirable to potential homeowners, they would be sued for discrimination! See how the scam works? Either way, the bank is screwed! The class warfare rhetoric of the mainstream media only makes these ridiculous assaults on our way of life permissable, because the banks are always the villian. The rich greedy capitalist money lenders. The American public MUST wise up to these shenenigins if we value our way of life. I fear these lawsuits are only the beginning of our current President's war on capitalism.

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