Monday, January 21, 2013

      The inauguration of the Unholy One was today, coincidentally on phony PhD party animal MLK (Don't like it?Look it up) Day as well as the "bluest day of the year", according to some random fact thingie that Tweets me everyday. I'm inclined to believe it, and don't feel like looking it up to substantiate the fact, so...yeah.
   Beyonce' Alicia Keys, and Jamie "Kill All The White People" Foxx all sang at the ceremony/ball, which is appropriate, I suppose. The internet is all abuzz over what designer Moochelle is wearing. All I want to know is , who paid for the damn acre of fabric to cover her fat ass? I also wouldn't mind if our current administration at least pretended to give a flying fuck about the American hostages killed in Algeria. It is clear the image of Islam is more important to our President than American lives. We all know this, but it's rarely acknowledged, sadly. I guess it doesn't help that the Americans killed worked for a greedy Oil company, but at least it was the irredeemably sinister BP, who has only paid $30 BILLION for the Gulf Disaster. We all know they should pay more, or deserve to go out of business.This is surely 'Karma' for their evil deeds against Mother Gaia. I should note I am being sarcastic, for those of you unaware.(I would'nt take time to point it out, but people often misconstrue sarcasm especially online, too bad my idea of denoting sarcastic sentences with this* never caught on, I thought it was a good idea.Perhaps I'm ahead of my time,that's my default excuse for when I have an idea that fails, the world wasn't ready for it yet.)
        I forgot what I'm talking about, so I'll start a new paragraph. Also , don't fly off the handle for me making fun of MLK, segregation was an evil policy, supported by SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS, but if we can call the founders slave owners, we can acknolwedge MLK wasn't infallible as well. Those who think I'm racist for saying that are going to think I'm racist for being a republican anyway, so fuck it.
        Speaking of racial shit, I'm a big fan of the NBA. White folks have trouble understanding why sometimes, as many who make up the culture of the NBA have made it clear they don't care much for white folks. This point is arguable, but I cant help but be reminded of racist midget asshole Spike Lee and the playoff series between the Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks in the early 90's. Spike Lee is a huge Knicks fan. When not blaming western civilization for all evil in the world, he attends nearly all the Knicks home games at MSG. Remember all the Malcom X merchandise? Wasn't that crazy? For those of you who are too young to remember, Spike Lee made a movie about Malcom X in the early 90's and launched a line of activewear to promote it. You could get baseball caps and shirts with a big white "X" on them(But why is the 'X' WHITE??) for a designer price. Bizarre. The Rosa Parks Cutlery Set he released subsequently didn't perform as well, so Spike went back to making shitty movies(except 25th Hour, It literally made me cry) for a living. Anyway, the New York Knicks and the Indiana Pacers had become bitter rivals in recent years,and the entire nation was watching this playoff series. Spike Lee just couldn't resist the urge to ruin the friendly competitive spirit in the air, though, and as most assholes like him, started calling everyone in Indiana RACISTS because the Klan used to be big there or something.I'm not researching it because its a false point, okay? So Spike Lee insists all the people who are pulling for the Pacers to win in that series are racists by proxy even though they are cheering on a team that is made op of mostly black players. This really embodies the "anti-racist" self righteous anti-white mentality to me perfectly. Mostly because it is inherently RACIST TOWARD WHITES!! No matter how un-racist you prove to be to a reasonable person, to these morons, you are racist for not agreeing with them. This left a pretty bad taste in my mouth, and though my interest in the NBA didn't dwindle immediatly, I was reminded of it when it did. So I can kind of understand why people don't like pro-basketball. For me, it's too ingrained into by personality no to. I went to many schools where I  was the only white kid, and my friends and I played basketball whenever we had a free moment. We even made little basketball hoops out of paper and taped them on out doorframes for rainy day games of horse. I will probably always love basketball, professional specifically for many reasons. I still don't know if it loves me back or  not, it has more than skateboarding, at least.

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