Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Random Review: In Flames - Reroute to Remain
               If you look up In Flames you'll probably read their best record was their second, or first, or whichever The Jester Race was. I thought it was the first initially, but then I remembered Lunar Strain was first, I honestly don't know which was first. But when it comes to Death Metal, fans can be misleading because they are the most opinionated lot in the world! Look up reviews of Death's last record, the singer died of cancer well before his time, but Death Metal fans don't give a fuck. They still shit all over that record in spite of it being Chuck's last recording. That's just how they are. If they were happy people, they wouldn't be so into Death Metal I suppose.But I digress. Most people say The Jester Race or Colony was In Flames best record and this one was where they started to go downhill. I'm here to tell you, those people are full of shit. While both of the aformentioned records are great works of melodic Death Metal, a sub-genre which In Flames helped pioneer, Reroute to Remain has them beat in more ways than one. The choruses are catchier, the synth and keyboards are even more up front, and the vocals are cleaner, for better or worse. The first track is the title, which in many cases is a bad sign, this is an exception. In Flames have created almost a form of "easy-listening" metal if there is such a thing, removing all abrasiveness from guitars and vocals for a sound that is both dynamic and accessable. The synth and keyboards provide a diverse pallate of sounds from witch to draw, and the result is both originial and familiar. I will never condone the use/abuse of hallucinogens, but if you are to eat shrooms or guzzle DXM, this is the band you want to listen to, trust me. The combination of cool riffs and vocal effects and keyboard breaks is never boring, always interesting. Check out "Dawn Of A New Day", too weird not to like. It's a folksy sounding acoustic number with a screamed chorus that goes down easy and works, amazingly! "Cloud Connected" is another tune you could almost mistake for some weird euro-pop song with a catchy main riff that is simple and vocal effects that enhance the feel. Its very impressive. Every song on this disc is worth listening to, but if I had to choose favorites, I'd say the title track, System, Trigger, Cloud Connected,and Dawn of a New Day. They are all keepers, in my opinion, and I still love this band and the way their sound has evolved over the years. Brilliant. Highly Recommended.

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