Wednesday, January 9, 2013

       It appears this Illuminati theroy isn't going to go away by itself. It seems to be increasing in popularity. Apparently, being on youtube automatically qualifies something as credible these days. The ever gullible American public has fallen for this anti-west,pro-islam propaganda hook, line and sinker. Have they never noticed nearly all the 'Illuminati' videos on youtube are made by people with muslim names? The Michael Jackson story is my personal favorite. According to the videos, he wasn't a delusional pedophile. He is merely yet another victim of the evil, racist American government. All of the charges of child molestation are false, they say. Michael Jackson was actually a persecuted quasi-muslim. They blame his paranoid psychosis he displayed late in his life on the idea that the FBI was following him, as well as poisoning his food. It also features a video of Jermaine Jackson (On arab TV, no less!) insisting that Michael was being persecuted for being surrounded by muslims and was on the verge of converting before he was murdered by the FBI. The fact that adults believe this frightens me. For starters, Michael admitted to sharing his bed with young boys. He was in poor health before his death because he was a DRUG ADDICT! He died of a drug overdose. How is this simple explanation less appealling than these bizarre conspiricies? The video also explains, through pseudo-analysis, that the child rapist encoded details to the plot against him through nonsensical symbolism in his music videos. The videos also assert that the 911 attacks were carried out by the U.S. government, not radical Islamists. In the popular "Illuminati Controls Hollywood" (by Farhan Khan) this is "proven" by the fact that the numbers 9 and 11 appear next to each other in a dozen or so movies and TV shows out of the countless thousands made in the last 30 years. The effectiveness of this propaganda is chilling. Millions of grown adults have been deceived into believing western civilization as well as the global economy has been infiltrated by racist warlocks hellbent on destroying Islam. The Jews are in on it too, of course. Other videos claim the nation of Israel, which can hardly keep its own borders secure, are manipulating all western governments secretly. The fact that there's no evidence supporting this claim proves how good the Jews are at tricking us! If noticed alot of anti-Israel rhetoric from delusional Ron Paul supporters. This is little suprise, as the vast majority in this camp learned everything they think they know from youtube. (Ever argued with one? It's only a matter of time before they start posting youtube.) Hopefully, our society will rediscover critical thinking, and Occam's Razor. If not, anyone with a digital camera and an internet connection could have the chance to form public opinion, however they please.

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