Tuesday, January 15, 2013

          I've been ranting for years that the popular culture in this country is turning our population into idiots. It looks like people are finally waking up and realizing it may not be a great idea to allow your kids to fill their heads with lies because their friends are. The left has lots of advantages, the control of pop culture is probably their most valueable asset. It assures the next generation will fall for the same old routine, now entitled "Social Justice." I encourage all conservatives to speak up and not only defend their beliefs when challenged even indirectly, but to be on the offensive. Be "the opinionated Republican" at your workplace or social clique. Be outspoken to a fault. When you hear someone spewing lies about how great Obama is or how racist Bush was, correct them. Don't be ashamed because you are right! I hope the younger in our ranks take heed to this most of all. The current liberal narrative is a rickety framework of lies which can be easily dismantled at will by a person with knowledge and audacity. The salvation of our Republic will not come from the government, but from its people! Think of the Bush Doctrine. You cannot win a conflict waiting to be attacked. You must attack and put your adversary on the defensive. It is possible. We can change minds. We can change the world.

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