Friday, January 25, 2013

 So the new Bad Religion CD was ok. Their liberal views sure are annoying though. Why do they only criticize American culture,government,etc. It's actually a good example of how liberals magnify all the flaws and contradictions found in our way of life, while ignoring the daily atrocities that take place in developing countries. I'm reminded of the recent case of an Indian girl who was gang raped,then encouraged to marry one of the subhuman swine who carried out the crime! Why wasn't India's religion/culture scrutinized? America's useless media is too busy worshipping Obama to ask such things. The media in America is so infatuated with Obama, they can't help themselves. It is truly sickening. Especially considering as righteous as the press has always portrayed itself.
       Remember when racist jackass Kanye West said Bush doesn't care about black people? How long has it been since Sandy, and people are still in the cold? This is how the American public has been decieved. George Bush could do absolutly nothing right by the media's standards. Whether or not you were for the war in Iraq you have to agree that the press despised him. The mainstream media has ZERO credibility in my eyes.
          I just read a Tweet by some liberal hag Joan Walsh who is upset people like Bobby Jindal. What is it about liberal women that is so despicable? I think what bugs me most is when they are middle aged(at the least) and still try to look/act young.It is seriously pathetic. Like old-guy-at-bar-with-ponytail-AND-beret-pathetic. i gotta go  bbl

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