Thursday, January 3, 2013

           There has been another bombing of an American target by a foreign national, but we aren't sure if he's an islamic extremist or not, because no one is reporting this story. The incident occurred friday, November 30 at a Social Security Administration office in Casa Grande Arizona. I haven't heard a word from the press or our government about it. I stumbled upon the story researching a piece I was writing for the Brenner Brief. The suspect's name is Abdullatif Ali Aldosary. There were no injuries or fatalities reported in the blast, thankfully. This link is the only one I've found which actually names the suspect. The blast was at the rear enterance of the building, which is probably the reason there were no injuries. In another bizarre twist, no charges related to terrorism appear to be being brought. The suspect is charged with "maliciously damaging federal property by means of explosives" and felonious possession of a firearm.

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